Telecommunication infrastructure is being reconstructed in villages and settlements of Absheron

Telecommunication infrastructure are reconstructing  in Saray settlement, Atyaly Nubar settlement, Novkhani gardens, Goradil, Mohammadli, Gobustan village, Chayly, Pirakishkul, Lower and Upper Guzdak villages built up.

Under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Aztelekom LLC implements a number of projects aimed at developing information and communication technologies in the regions, rebuilding and improving infrastructure, and meeting the demand for services. Within these projects, it is planned to introduce high quality and competitive technologies based on international standards.

At the initial stage, the planned work to restructure the broadband infrastructure and consequently improve the quality of services covers several regions. At present, the work on the Absheron project is about to be completed.

Works on the installation of 50 units of ONU (External Electronic ATS) equipment on the service area of the junction have been completed. 80% of installed equipment is already in operation. Cable channel facilities are under construction for the GPON project. In total, about 65,000 meters of fiber-optic cables were laid for ONU and GPON projects.

Nearly 13 000 subscribers in remote distribution cabinets will be provided with the newly installed ONU equipment. This will significantly improve the quality of the Internet.

The GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) project has been developed taking into account the demand for telephones of central and new residential areas of Absheron district. According to the project, an optical distribution cabinet for newly built courtyard houses in Mehdiabad has been installed and fiber-optic cables with a capacity of about 8,000 meters have been installed for a 600-strong internal line network. Currently, citizens are provided with internet and telephone services.

First of all, new equipment is being installed in areas that are in high demand. Thus, 1 OPC will be installed on H.Aliyev Avenue in Khirdalan and will serve about 3,000 apartments by building an in-house network for “May 1 residential complex” (apartment houses) and new multi-storey residential buildings.

In order to expand the coverage area of Aztelekom LLC and increase the provision of high-quality services, consistent work is being carried out to apply new technologies in the regions.

Director of Technical Department of “Aztelekom” LLC Jabrayil Huseynov:

“Aztelekom implements projects in the regions with the use of new technologies, expanding its coverage. As part of the project, we are working on the reconstruction of the Absheron region.