Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies to receive citizens in Gakh

Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade will receive citizens in Gakh city (citizens from Gakh, Sheki, Oghuz, Gabala, Zagatala and Balakan regions) on July 20, at 12:00. At the reception, complaints and suggestions from citizens related to the provision of transport, telecommunications (including Internet, TV and radio broadcasting) and postal services, service culture and issues of concern to the population in these areas will be listened to. 

Those wishing to make an appointment with the Minister are requested to contact via e-mail [email protected], call hotline number 1655 or (012) 598 38 18 (calls from regions are toll-free). 

At the same time, in case of need, citizens wishing to come to the meeting will be provided with vehicles from relevant post offices or telephone exchanges. For this purpose, citizens are requested to call following telephone numbers:

In Gakh                024 2552300

In Sheki                024 2448790 

In Oghuz              024 2152899 

In Gabala             024 2052599 

In Zagatala           024 2252999 

In Balakan            024 2952300