New electronic ATS to put into operation in Gusar

Aztelekom LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communicatiiions and High Technologies implements several projects in the regions in order to improve ICT infrastructure and provide demands on telecommunications services. New projects in this direction are carried out in Gusar region, too. 

In order to meet people’s demand on Internet and telephone installation with quality, new and contemporary equipment was installed in the service area of Gusar Telecommunications Junction. As a result, the number of telephone subscribers and Internet users significantly grew.    

So, 485 new telephone lines were installed and the number of Internet users increased by 600 in Gusar city and villages in 2017.  

As a result of the projects implemented, today new electronic ATS of 80 numbers was put into operation by mounting in Garakand village of Gusar. 4100 m FO cable was installed from the right bank of Gusar river to the electronic ATS. 2400m of the cable was set underground.  

Besides, DSLAM equipment was mounted and increased to 380 Internet ports generally in the central electronic ATS of the region, Yeni Hayat, Kuzungishlag, Imamgulukend, Avaran, Kirick, Duztahir, Shirvanovka and Gunduzgala villages. Internal line network was updated in Gayakand village of the region.    

Thereby, 7 new modern Juniper equipment was installed in city electronic ATSs while 31 was done in rural electronic ATSs for the purpose of the improving the quality of Internet. Additionally, contemporary electronic cabinet of 60 numbers was installed in Yeni Hayat.   

In order to improve the quality of Internet, unusuable cables, generators and wires were replaced with new ones in urban and rural areas.

Communications lines were repaired generally in 17 km of urban and in 35 km of rural areas.