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Electronic ATS will be put into operation in Gusar district

New equipment has been installed in the service area of Aztelekom Gusar Telecommunication to provide telephone networking and high-quality Internet access.

 As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of telephone and internet subscribers. Over the past year, 461 new telephone lines have been laid in Gusar city and villages, with an increase in the number of internet subscribers by 1426.

As a result of the implemented measures, a new 160 automatic telephone system will be installed and commissioned in Ashagi-Imamgulu village of Gusar. The 4,500-meter fiber-optic cable is connected to the electronic ATS. The newly installed EATS will also provide services to the neighboring village Mujuqoba, which is 1500 meters away. In the future, the additional capacity of EATS will be increased to 512 if additional communication services are needed.

In addition, a 30-line internal telephone network was built in the Central Electronic Automatic Telephone System, 100 numbers in the village of Gayakand in Gusar and 80 in the Samur village.

Around 1600 meters of fiber-optic cable was laid in the village of Akhakhura, mini-ATS of 32 numbers was installed and 1,750 meters of fiber optic cable was laid to the villages of Najafkend and Upper Kalunhur.

So, in order to improve the quality of the Internet, old and unsuitable equipment in urban and rural electronic ATS have been replaced with modern JUNİPER equipment.

In order to improve Internet quality, cables, generators in urban and rural electronic ATS, and cables that are not in use on the local line network have been replaced by new ones.

In total, 15 km of urban areas and 21 km of rural areas were repaired and 461 new poles were installed.