“Aztelekom” launches Summer İnternship Program 2018

“Aztelekom” LLC invites highly educated students of the third and fourth courses to participate in the summer Internship of 2018 year.

The main goal of this program, which is 3 months (june,july,august) is to acquaint young people with working environment of Aztelekom, who make their first steps in their career, to gain experience and develop professional skills.

The candidates, who successfully pass the selection, will have the opportunity to practice in the information technology, radio engineering, telecommunications, human resource management, finance, accounting, sales and marketing areas.

The Summer Internship of 2018 year will cover 30-35 students as a pilot project in Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan Technical University. Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University and Khazar University. Applications for participation in the program are accepted by CV from [email protected] until May 31, 2018. It is important to mention the words "summer practice program" on the topic of writing. It should be pointed out that the names of the students, who has successfully past the participation in the program will be selected in the staff reserve of the organization as future potential personnel.

Upon successful completion of the program, all participants will be evaluated and presented to them to confirm their participation in the project.